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How to find a contractor that uses stucco

When you look at a home or a wall, you probably ask, how do they get rid of all the lines from the seams? Well, back in the day, they used to utilize painters mud. This would make the walls blend in with each other; the problem with that was after a while, it would start to chip off and cause the wall to look really bad.

What they do today is have a drywall contractor come in to hang and tape the drywall, then they will spray stucco all over the wall and then sand and paint.

We will go over a few ways to find a good company that will give your home that stucco look.

What is stucco

It is a pasty substance that you can spray on or use a pudding knife to apply. You can have it in any color. They make indoors and outdoors stucco. When you use this on the outside of your home, it will add insulation to your walls; this will keep the heat out or in whichever you want. It will also add lots of value to your home.

When it is applied on the inside, it will give it that rough look and rounded corners. You can use any type of paint to paint over it. Once it has been applied and painted, you will have to sand it all the way off if you decide to change the color of any way that you use it on. If you are in need of such services, check


All you need to do is look up building contractors that construct homes; they will always have a person that will be able to apply stucco. The first thing you need to do is to make comparisons. Don’t just look at the first one and call them up; do some shopping around instead. You will be able to view their web pages and see just how long they have been in business. Always check their rating too. This will tell you what type of service you will get from them.


You should be able to talk to friends or family that have had some work done before. See if maybe they had a really good encounter with a company. Any place that you would buy wood or paint would be able to tell you of a good contractor in the area as well.






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Improving your home with a rock garden

Landscaping has come a long way; it used to be a couple of guys that will come around with a lawn mower and ask if your lawn needed to be cut. Now you can have large trees planted and have them unroll a lawn. Landscaping even falls in the category as a contractor. Now, you can call a landscaping company or contractor to put in a pool or even a gazebo. You can also have different types of rocks put in your yard for a rock garden. Having things like this done will improve your home and the value of it as well.

In this article, we will talk about having a rock garden put around your home and the different styles and color that they have.

Glass rocks

When it comes to glass landscape rocks, you can have them in any color you choose them to be. You can make them large or small; the choice is yours. They look like a real rock and even feel like the real thing. They will never get dull in color over time.

Polished rocks

What they do with these is have them roll around in a huge rock polisher and add color to them to get the shade that you want. What is nice about using this style of stones is that they don’t look like any other rocks that you can find, so they are one of a kind. You can have them brought in by a truckload at a time. They will charge you by the yard and not the weight.

Rock gardens

These are starting to get very popular theses days. When you put in a rock garden, you will never have to weed it ever again. If you do it right, there is no upkeep. When you go to put in a rock garden, you will weed the area and then lay down plastic and apply the rock softly, so you don’t tear the plastic under the rocks. The only upkeep you will ever have to do is water the rocks down to wash them.

Colored rocks

There are different colors of rocks all around the world. When you go to pick out the style of rock you want, they will have different styles and colors. The only thing you will have to do is to pick the style and color that you want, and they will do all the delivering and installing of the rock the way you want it to be done. Like what we have said earlier, they will charge you for the square yard and not the weight. The price would vary depending on the rarity of the rock and the size.











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