A few Pointers on Swimming Pool Demolition

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12/31/2014 0 Comments

Your family is not using your swimming pool that much, and you want to transform it into a more useful area. Removing the swimming pool cannot be done overnight.

What will you do with the extra space?

It is necessary that you choose your future building plans for the space. There are three types of swimming pool demolitions, and each of them serves a particular purpose.

1. Total swimming pool demolition

The total swimming pool is eliminated including the concrete (gunite) and the steel reinforcements. The hole is then filled with sand. This need to be your option if you want to use the area for a yard as this offers great drainage, along with the very best soil for your plants. Also, this is the preferred type if you want to build a structure in that area. Removing the gunite allows foundations of the future building to be put up.

2. Partial removal (top layer)

With this type, the tiled section of the swimming pool walls is taken out, and the gunite is bored with holes. Plants won’t grow well here unless you put topsoil in it.

3. Partial removal (2ft. from top)

This is the most popular kind of swimming pool demolition where 2 feet of the gunite and steel is removed. Holes are punched in the remaining concrete and filled with gravel and sand for better drainage. This enables future landscaping in the site.

Inspect the legalities

It is essential to examine regional codes and required authorizations to prevent possible claims. Also, remember that in some States, swimming pool demolition affects the value of your home.

Drain the water.

Some places will require you to de-chlorinate and treat the water prior to draining it into the waterworks. Of course, this is to stay clear of possible harm to the aquatic resources.

Choosing a contractor

There are things that you can do by yourself, like salvaging the handles and other stuff, but there is a restriction. You will have to hire a service provider to drill the holes and haul the debris. Choose a contractor that lets you have a few of the work in order to save up.


In the regional codes are policies for the disposal of the demolition rubble. Oftentimes they are not permitted to be disposed of in the pool so you will have to go to a landfill or search for a concrete recycler.…