A lot of people do not understand the process that water goes through on a daily basis. For instance, few understand the importance of transforming hard water into soft water. This process is known as water softening. When looking for a water softener there are certain things you have to consider first.

Need for Water Softener

water softenerBefore you start digging into certain aspects of a water softener such as prices, sizes, and types, there is a need to understand the need for a water softener. If the water contains more than a grain of dissolved minerals it is regarded as hard water. The truth is that hard water is not ideal for domestic use. This is apparent from the spots and stains that remain after washing dishes or clothes.

Although hard water is not always a health risk, it can cause massive damage to water-using appliances, clothing, and plumbing systems. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by installing the best water softener.

Water Softener Types

Nowadays, there are different makes and models of water softeners on the market. Thus, you are assured you can find something that suits your needs. No matter the type you purchase, you should ensure the one you buy has the required certification. Also, you should check whether softener is operating efficiently.

The first type of water softener is the salt-based ion exchange softener. It works by cycling water through two primary tanks. In this way, it eliminates a lot of mineral residues, which contaminates your water. One of the tanks is filled with resin beads and the other with brine. The other type of water softener is the salt-free water softener. In this case, it uses potassium chloride rather than sodium.

Water Softener Sizes

water softeners 2An important factor to take into account when purchasing a water softener is the size. You can find buying guides that can help you determine the right size of the softener. To function well, it should be large enough to adapt itself to the needs of every household. Instead of the physical size, water softeners are rated by the hardness grains that they can get rid of between the regenerations. Therefore, before buying a water softener, you should understand how to calculate the size of a water softener that can suit your family needs.

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